Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yes I'm Still Alive!

I know it has been a while and I am sorry. It has been a little difficult around the house. So I am writing because our family needs your prayers. Justin was recently laid off from work due to the economy problems and he is having a hard time finding a job. He has interviewed a few places and they have all said the same thing....because of the economy we just can't hire any one right now. I am asking that you pray for guidance for him and pray for me to be the support I need to be for him....even when he is doing the laundry and then doesn't know where he put anything!!!! Please remember us when you pray! Thank you,


Friday, November 7, 2008

Crazy Week!!

I hope everyone has had a great week! It has been crazy around here! School has been wild. The kids were in rare form and I am exhausted. Between school and the election I am drained when I get home and I have been in bed early every night!

Emma is doing great. She is talking up a storm now. She is constantly copying everything anyone be careful around her please! :-) She is literally running around the house now. She thinks she is THE BOSS!!! I have learned quickly that she has MY temper.....uh oh!!! She is a blessing beyond belief and has completely changed my life. I am so happy when I am with her. I see so many things that have always been there, but through her eyes they are all new. I love the way her eyes light up when she sees a bird fly in the sky, or a leaf blow on the ground. I love her ooohhh's and aaahhh's every time she sees or hears something. My favorite sound in the world is when I hear....mama, mama, mama! It's usually to get her something...preferably food, but it's such a wonderful sound. When she wakes up in the mornings or from her nap she is always in a great mood. She has the biggest smile and she just wants to love on you and give you hugs and kisses. She is so sweet! She loves her Nana and PawPaw too. They can walk in the room and she lights up! She runs into their arms. She is a true blessing! Our miracle girl is showing me everyday how God has blessed me. How can we not praise him daily!!!

I have bragged enough about "Miss Priss" and need to feed her now, so I will go! I hope you all have a great weekend and keep your fingers crossed for's a huge game! I'm a little nervous! :-)


Sunday, November 2, 2008

I can't believe it's November!!

Time flies doesn't it!!! We are all doing well here. I thought I would check in with everyone and let everyone know we aer doing great. Emma had a blast on Halloween. We made the trip to the big town of Ider and visited with Nana and PawPaw for Halloween. Our spooky little flower was a trooper. We visited MawMaw Hammonds first and of course she had to show out for a while. Then we went to Aunt Paula and Uncle J.A.'s and again we had to show out. Then we headed to Aunt Maxine's house and got TONS of candy and visited with cousin Noah! He is getting so big. Our last trick or treating stop was to MawMaw Sartin's. There were all kinds of people there. Cousins, uncles, and aunts. We finally headed off the mountain and got something to eat where we met another adorable little Emma. She was a little fairy. The two Emma's shared waves and smiles and then my Emma ate about a pound of grapes. She loves her fruit.

I would also like to ask for your prayers. We found out this morning at church that a little girl who lost her mother about a year ago of cancer and who herself was diagnosed with cancer was told they found another tumor. Our pastor asked for a prayer and fasting tomorrow. Please remember Meagan B. in your prayers tomorrow. We know God is a healing God and we know prayer produces miracles. Please lift her name up every chance you get. Thank you!

I hope to have pics from Halloween up soon.

In Him,