Sunday, July 26, 2009

Birthday Party Wrap Up!!

Here are a few pics from Emma's Birthday party!!! I hope you enjoy!!!
This is Emma's cousin Carter! What a sweet boy! We wish we
could spend more time with them!
Emma was loving the gifts but only wanted to open them
while sitting on her new Dora bike from NaNa and PaPa!
Here's Carter again...going down the big slide!
Amy and Andy were able to make it for the party!
They got her the cutest Tinkerbell outfit!! Emma had
to wear it that night!
Here is the swingset that Emma got from Mommy and Daddy
for her birthday!! It just took Daddy a week to put together!! LOL
Just one of the slides at the party!! FUN FUN
Emma's birthday cake was YUMMY!! Here's Emma dismounting from one of
the slides!
We had a smaller pool for the little ones! Emma
thought it was a horse!! LOL
It has been a while since I have posted and well I have a great excuse...or excuses!!! I had to attend a training for two weeks which sucked the life right out of me, in between the two weeks, we had Emma's 2nd birthday party, then the last day of the training I came home, packed, and headed to Ider so we could leave bright and early the next morning for our Disney adventure! I believe that about covers it... i think! I wanted to do a post for Emma's birthday party and another for the Disney trip so this one will just cover the party! It was a great day with tons of friends! We had a water party and it was HOT!!! I apologize to all the poor parents that had to sit in the sun while your children were nice and cool on the water slides!!! Just know they had fun at your sacrifice!! Emma had a blast and loved every single gift she received! I will be getting the thank you cards out soon, but as you can see from the crazy list of things above...I just simply haven't had time!!!


Karri said...

Looks like she had a great 2nd birthday! She's still a dollbaby!

Brooke and David said...

Wow, what a super fun birthday party!!

Bryce's momma said...

The party was fun! Even if we did do a little sweating! We got wet too! lol I got some party pics of her and her cake for you and a few of her on the slide! Remind me to get them for you!