Sunday, September 20, 2009

It seems like forever....

I know it's blurry...but Emma's shirt has Derek's number and
it say's Derek's Girl on it!!! LOVE IT!!!

Derek and his girl Emma after his awesome game!

Our family after Brooke and David's beautiful wedding!

Emma thought she could put her own make-up on!

Emma was cheering the Tide on to their victory!!!

It seems like forever since I posted last, but it's been a busy few weeks! With school starting back and everyone trying to get back into our routines, plus football season starting and a trip to Nashville for a wedding thrown in....and oh did I mention I have been SICK! It's just been way to crazy to try to post! Here are a few pics to catch us up! :-)


Bryce's momma said...

Love them all! We have been missing ya'll too! They won't even know each other! She looks so big in that Welborn shirt!

Brooke and David said...

So glad you guys came to our wedding!! Great to see you, as always! :)