Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Days and Sad Days!!

Our poor snowman! We weren't finished with
him, but Daddy was a little impatient...and cold!

Daddy got creative with the foot
prints in the picture!! I luv it!

She was like.."What is this stuff?" HA!

Emma and Mommy saying CHEESE in the snow!
On a sad note, we lost our grandfather this past
Saturday morning. Please remember our family in
prayer as my grandmother and the rest of us try to
come to grips with not having his wonderful, deep
voice greeting us with bounds of love when we
walk through the door! He loved seeing us and
especially loved Emma and all of her tricks she would
do for him!
With love,


Bryce's momma said...

So cute! Bryce did not smile. He just looked around. I will try to post some later. I am proud of you for getting right on that. You posted the day of, and with pics. Go Kelli! Sorry again about your loss.

Bryce's momma said...

Forgot to tell you... I LOVE THE LAST ONE! Makes me want to cry.....what memories!

Brooke and David said...

Sorry to hear about pawpaw Hope! Your family is def. in our prayers.

I wanted to pass this along to you as well in case you don't have a chance to look at my blog. Check out this blog I know you will start a prayer chain for this little guy! Love ya girl!

Leigh Anne said...

I love the snow pictures. We had over 8 inches at our house. I was so sad to hear about Harold. He was such a great man. He did love the Hammonds family like ya'll were his own. Blessings.

Deedra said...

I am so jealous of the snow you guys got! I love the pics! The footprints one is so cool! Very Christmas cardy!

I am so sorry about your Paw Paw. I know you all will miss him so very much!

Love you all!