Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A few pictures!

Look at that spaghetti face!!
I love that smile!
My sweet baby girl is growing up so fast!!! I love you Emma Kate!
Look at those hands!
Papa teaching Emma how to hit the ball off the tee!
Nana showing Emma a grasshopper!

Emma Lou Whoo hair in the bath tub!

Working hard in the yard!

I love those pig tails!!!!

I thought I would post a few of our latest pics of my sweet Emma! I finally got them loaded on my computer! A couple are from tonights supper! She loves her spaghetti!! :-) I hope you enjoy and thank you all for your prayers and encouraging comments! I can't tell you how much they mean to me and my family! We love you all!!! ENJOY!!!!


Brooke and David said...

What a sweet 'big' girl! I've missed you being on here and the cute pics of Emma! Glad you are back!

Leigh Anne said...

Love these pictures. The one in the Irish t-shirt looks like you and the one holing the bat looks like John.

hayli said...

love that girl! shes def. gonna be an athlete and she looks pretty sharp in that navy tee too! love you and miss you.