Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Egg Hunting

Last weekend we took a trip to NaNa and PawPaw's for an Easter Egg
Hunt and awesome birthday party for cousin Carter! Emma loved every
minute of the visit. It was awesome and here are a few pictures from the
weekend! I hope you enjoy!

"Eeewww mommy...yuck....dirty!!!" But check out that basket! She found
21 eggs!!! Way to go Emma!!!

The Easter Bunny with Emma and Paw Paw! She wasn't going to sit there
by herself!!! She was terrified. It was the only good picture I got! Love it!!!

Here's cousin Carter with Emma! I wish she could play with him more often!!

My favorite picture of all! She was watching the other
kids ride the ponies. She wasn't going to get on one, but
she sure was enjoying watching everyone else!


Holly said...

TOO sweet! She is a doll. Enjoyed seeing yall!!

Kelli said...

Thank you!!! I wish I had gotten a picture of your girls with Emma too! It's was hard enough to get her to stand still for the ONE I got with Carter...and notice she DIDN'T look up! She is such a little stinker. She had a blast playing with Aubrey at Carter's party!!! I wish we could be up there more often so we could play more!!

Karri said...

She's always so cute! It was good to see you guys at the DQ today!