Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to town....SOON!!!

Hello everyone!! I hope you are all doing well. It has been quite the past couple of weeks around here! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and it was so nice seeing the family! We got to spend a few days with my parents and Emma loved every minute of it! SURPRISE....She is so spoiled when she is with them!! We are still on the job hunt around here. Still no luck for Justin but we are praying that the right job come along. We have all been sick. I got my wonderful dose of it last night and all day today. I am finally feeling a little better, but I am achy all over. It is so hard to stay away from Emma when I am not feeling good, but because she had RSV when she was a baby, we can't take any chances. She is more likely to get sick because of the RSV, so I have been quarantined in my bedroom while Justin kept her in the living room. It's so hard because she would come to the bedroom door and bang on it yelling "mama, mama, mama!" Wow, that will tug at your heart strings!

We have our Christmas decorations up and Emma is finally old enough to really get excited about the lights and decorations. SHE LOVES IT!!! I can't wait until Christmas morning! She is such a stinker! I will put a pic of her on here from last Christmas. It was just too cute! I am having her picture made Friday for our Christmas cards. YES, I am WAY behind. I usually have all of my shopping pretty much done and under the tree by now. I am really starting to stress about it. I do not have 1 present under the tree and the sad thing is I haven't bought anything either! It's so crazy! Can you tell it's getting to me just a little bit???? AAAHHHH!!!! We are probably not going to get to go to Rhode Island for Christmas this year. We are just not able to do it with one income right now. We are going to miss everyone so much. Emma had grown leaps and bounds since they have seen her last! She wasn't even walking yet. I hate that we are so far away from them and don't get to see them very often. Emma loves to be around kids and there are about 19 cousins in Rhode Island that she would love to play with! We are hoping to go to Rhode Island this summer for a couple of weeks.

To all of my fellow blogger's....So am I the only one out there who hasn't bought a single gift???

Hoping your having a blessed Holiday Season!


Brooke and David said...

No ma'am! I'm right there with ya! Christmas seems to be getting in the way of all my wedding planning! hehe Christmas will be "slim pickin's" around here this year. But, it's ok...that's not what it's about anyways!

Angela said...

Not only have I not bought the first gift...I don't even have my tree up!