Sunday, December 21, 2008

Someone really reads my blogs!! HAHAHA

So I was scanning through my blogs that I read EVERY day and I noticed a dear friend of mine had given me an award!! Can you believe it!! Yes 9 other people got it too, but hey, I am thrilled to be among the other 9!! The deal is, I have to now return the nominating!! I have to pick 10 of my favorite blogs and let them know they have the coolest blogs. But, they have to do the don't let this go or I might get my award taken away from me!! HAHAHA
Here it goes....
1. Lisa at is the first blog I learned about. Last year we were told our baby had cancer and we were devastated. She posted my bulletin about Emma on her blog and the outpouring of love and prayers flooded her page. We then went to church where her husband led a prayer service for Emma. Two days later we were told Emma did not have cancer!!! I have been praising the Lord and reading her blog ever since! We love you and your family so much. Thank you for being a shining light for God.
2. Deedra at is an amazing mother and an inspiration daily to me through her blogs! What a Godly woman and mother!! Her blogs CRACK ME UP every time I read them!! We love you and Emma is waiting on that kiss from Carter!
3. Brittany at is such an amazing example of a teacher!! She cares so much for her students and it is obvious in every post! I have known Brittany since she was a little girl. Her and her family mean so much to my family! We love you.
4. Brooke at has quite the love story and the amazing pictures to go with it!! Again, this girl is an old family friend that I love like a sister and I am so proud of. She is an amazing person who has an amazing future ahead of her. I can't wait for the wedding pics!!
5. Amanda at is just an amazing young lady. I have been keeping up with her and her baking skills for a while on here and WOW is all I have to say. I know who I'm putting an order in with on Emma's next birthday! And what a shining example of a young Christian woman who loves the Lord.
6. Deb at has been a wonderful friend to my mother and I love to read her blogs. She is a Godly woman who loves her children and guides them through the word of God. What an example for young mother's like myself.
7. Jennifer at has become a friend from my new church home! She has a little boy Emma's age that is adorable and her stories entertain me. They remind me a lot of my own home! She too is a shining example for young mother's who want to raise their children in the word of God. Congrats to her on her wonderful news....another baby on the way!! Pray for her and her family during the pregnancy.
8. Holly at is my dear cousin who has two beautiful girls and a silly husband and TONS of hilarious stories. Her blog keeps me rolling with every new post.
9. Gwen at has become a best friend of mine. She is a neighbor, a mother, a friend in Christ, and just a wonderful woman all around. She also takes AMAZING pictures!!! The wonderful pictures that I have posted of my child have all been taken by Gwen and she is fantastic!! If you need a photographer and you are in my area, please let me know and I will get you her info. Emma and her son Bryce are the best of friends and future girlfriend/boyfriend if I have anything to say about it! HA!
10. And finally Whitney at is #4's little sister. She has just started her blog, but wow is she good. And I must say, she is a cutie pie with a great head on her shoulders. Did I mention she sings like a bird!! Amazing!!! And the best thing is that she sings for the Lord!
So there they ten!!! Visit their blogs and give them some love!!! Hope you enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind words. I love your mom. She has always been a dear friend and a precious person, and it seems that she has passed those traits on to her children.

Brooke and David said...

Thanks for the award, but more so thanks for those sweet words! I'll have to get on it and pass out my awards now.

You can't wait to see the wedding pics...what do you mean..?! You better be there and see it in person! :)